Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Dolphin Tank

Real Ideas

All participants of the event are current students that attend Le Moyne College. The ideas brought to the event are all created of the students own design.

Real People

To provide as real of an experience as possible we brought together a team of industry leaders. Those that have already brought their ideas to the world and have seen them to full fruition.

Real Money

The students participating are doing so for real money. This past year was the most successful Dolphin Tank event yet which awarded $51,000 to student participants.

Past Participants

Celestin Abwe, 23

Clutch Delivery

An on-campus food delivery service, Clutch Delivery has secured hundreds of meals and is exploring launching on other campuses in the Northeast

Luke Didion, 23


A technology-driven real estate business. Altivation has used drones, marketing automation, and guts to generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

Armon Nasseri, 21, 23

Tea Infusions

Already retailing in regional convenience stores, Tea Infusions imports Iranian Saffron creating premium tea that has built a true groundswell

Rachel Quilty-Koval, 22

Be A Pussy!

While a clothing retailer, Be A Pussy! Is more of a movement, dedicated to fighting for equality and removing the negative stigma regarding gender.

Nick Farina, 25


The only first-year student to make the finals, BrickNick is a YouTube influencer with over 100,000 views and sponsorships from major brands like Honda.

Paul Stannard, ‘22


A creative marketing firm, Valor has worked with local politicians, regional athletic brands and provided services to local advertising agencies.

Sebastian Fredette, ‘22

Hill Run Media

Hill Run Media is an award-winning creative video firm that has created music videos and corporate videos across a variety of industries.

Deraretu Abubeker, ‘22

Community Web

A talent-sourcing resource for non-profit organizations, Community Web has built bridges to boost employment and opportunities for everyone.

David Beseth, ‘23

The Story Productions

Using streaming media and quality video development, The Story Productions supplies live and recorded content to several churches in Central New York.