Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity


The Dolphin Tank

KCEIC is proud of our signature annual event, Dolphin Tank. Each year, we provide $50,000 to 10 student entrepreneurs to launch their business. While the competition is fierce, and so are our competitors, they work together to create an environment that is as collaborative as it is competitive. In addition to our young, bright leaders, over 200 community members regularly attend the event, and another 10,000 saw the results of television and online. Regional business leader maker up our panel of unbiased and passionate judges for the event

Phin Labs

The Center’s exclusive externship program continues to help the Central New York entrepreneurial community grow. As the center continues to expand its influence our team is focused on improving diversity within our community and building lasting generational wealth. 

Each year, we partner with regional start-ups at various stages, including SpinCar (now Impel), the City of Syracuse, and The Castle, most recently. 

Makers Institute

One of the most popular groups in Central New York for inventors is Le Moyne’s Maker Institute. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are used daily by students from the Maker Zone, Maker Club and local elementary, middle-school and high school students from all over the area. Led by Doug Hill, the Institute is making a real, tangible impact on our area.

Beats, Bars, and Business

KCEIC EIR Hasan Stephens continues his work as a bridge between the Center and the community at large.

On June 11, the Center sponsored a business competition featuring young entrepreneurs from the Good Life Youth Foundation. Hasan secured over $10,000 to award the competitors. The event was a powerful reminder of what the Center is working towards.

More Good Jobs

2022 is our second year participating in the More Good Jobs initiative, supported by the UpMobility Foundation. More Good Jobs is a global community of startup community builders. The community is close-knit but far reaching geographically with members from the West Coast of the United States to Leicester UK. Startup community builders play a crucial albeit informal role in their respective ecosystems as a leader, super connector, and overall catalyst of entrepreneurial activity in their region. The effects of their work can be felt directly, as many are entrepreneurs themselves, or indirectly, as when they put on an event where future co-founders meet, but in any case, have a tremendous impact.